Company Philosophy

About the Company.

The Belle Brooke Designs workshop and gallery is located on the famed canyon road, the “arts and crafts road” in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The space is located in The Stables, a working artist consortium on the Teahouse property, literally, the artist spaces are housed in the former stables of the Vigil family property. The artist, Belle Brooke Barer, designs and makes each piece of jewelry and employs the help of a part time assistant.  Brooke is trained as a professional goldsmith; she fabricates and finishes each piece using traditional tools and methods. Her work is highly noted for quality of workmanship and quality of design.

Each piece is made using 100% recycled metals and thoughtfully sourced gemstones and diamonds.

The gallery features photographs by the artist’s mother, Cara Barer, who recycles books into sculptures and creates digital images using the ethereal images which pay homage to the printed word. Also featured on the wall is work by Wyoming artist, Cristin Zimmer, who uses found windows and latex paint to create contemporary images with a Western thematic. Visitors to the gallery will also find classical and modern sculpture in Parian marble and recycled aluminum by New Mexico artist Britt Brown, who creates work using the human form. Each artist has been carefully selected to complement the jewelry and bring a clean and contemporary feel to the space.


We now live in a digital age, art as we know it is entering a new plane, one that seems to be seamlessly and without question integrating the digital and the handmade.

I am drawn to the art of goldsmithing because the techniques it utilizes today are not so far different from the ones it has used for hundreds of years. I strongly believe that myself and my generation need to leave something more  tangible behind than just a digital footprint. Moreover, we need to retain the knowledge we have as makers and share the healing properties of craft with those who have lost touch with that part of their humanity. Humans are an incredibly adept species, capable of making so many incredible things, and yet we are losing this and giving our opposable thumbs over to tiny touchscreens and hanging on to singular moments in the virtual web of time to keep us content. I believe true joy (and a verifiable cure for depression) comes from the act of making things by hand. Our brains need our hands to make things. It is with this in mind that I have chosen to remain traditional in my studio. Each piece at Belle Brooke Designs is made using traditional tools and techniques, with human hands.


I am grateful everyday to be able to make such beautiful things and work creatively. I view craft as not just a commodity, but as a community and a tradition. It brings people together and it keeps us innovative. My great grandfather found joy in his workshop, after a full day of work, making jewelry, cutting stones, and enameling. I aim to keep the spirit of craft alive through teaching and empowering makers, and through supporting and promoting the appreciation of handmade objects.

Please contact us to learn more about our outreach program for victims of domestic violence and abuse.